What inspires us? Everything!

We are endlessly enamored with the glamour, whimsy, and unmistakable style of the jazz age. Inspiration for our routines can begin anywhere — with a song, a historical anecdote, a costume idea, or a particularly compelling dance step. Through researching the fashion, culture, and rich dance history of the day, our routines take shape. Each gal’s character helps bring the routine to life! There’s truly no end to what is possible, and no telling what we will do next.

We recently made a splash with our take on “Singin’ In The Rain.” You’ve never seen it done like this before! Tartlette mastermind Magnolia cooked up the concept for this mash-up that contrasts two theatrical styles of the era, elegant refinement versus low-brow Vaudeville comedy.

The routine was inspired by actual events of 1929. MGM produced a movie musical called Hollywood Revue of 1929, which features “Singin’ in the Rain” with a chorus of men and women in rain slickers. Warner Brothers responded with 1929’s Show of Shows, a revue style show that poked fun at “Singin’ in the Rain” with “Singin’ in the Bathtub” — a comedic song led by the Vaudeville legend Winnie Lightner.

Choreographer Gaby Cook brought it all together with the dance. Of course, since we’re based in San Francisco we also wanted to pay homage to the legendary, now-destroyed Sutro Baths, where swimmers enjoyed indoor saltwater pools and donned fabulous swimsuits.

Ta-da! A routine was born. Watch us perform it here (dance starts at 1:00):

Check out the original Bathtub Girl, Winnie Lightner, here: